Close your eyes and imagine a cold, harsh winter with very little sunlight. Imagine waking up at a reasonable hour but feeling like it's the middle of the night. Imagine walking to school in the cold and having to sit through 6 lectures Monday through Saturday (the horror of our educational system back home is having school on Saturday!). This was my life during the winter months. I enjoyed the beauty of winter for a short period of time and then I was done and ready for spring. 

Life seemed so dull and unexciting during the winter months. But then something beautiful takes place...the whole world starts thawing from the snow and the cold, stripping off all the sadness and darkness. Rain starts nourishing the earth, birds gather together, flowers blossom, people start smiling more. New life emerged everywhere I looked and the world looked so enchanting. 

Think: new life, new beginning, rebirth. Springtime is beautiful and so are you. 

In this post, I want to share with you all some of my favorite beauty products and they are especially appropriate for spring. So, grab a yummy cupcake and get comfy. 

First off, nails! It's time to remove the dark nail polish and make way for pastels. I know, I know! Pastels for spring -- groundbreaking! My favorite brand of nail polish is hands down Essie. I always try to find them at a discount at stores like T.J. Maxx and Ross. They are buttery and they do last on the nails. 

For the eyes, I am not the biggest fan of bold colors on my eyelids. But when I do want to add a little pop,I go for purples and pinks. The makeup palette on the right is by Gosh Cosmetics and I got it in a makeup swap that I did last year with a sweet friend from Europe. The palette on the left is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette (the semi-sweet one) and it is one of my absolute favorite palettes for the eyes. It gets a lot of love! 

Blush is one of my favorite steps in my makeup routine. There are days when I can just put blush on my cheeks and it's enough for me. These shades are great for various skin tones and they are great quality blushes. Sadly, the Hourglass trio was a LE in 2014. It was a very good investment as I use it almost everyday and quite frankly, between the three shades in that palette, I don't really need any other ones.

Here is a photo of my current favorite makeup items. I am not a big makeup collector and I like to keep it minimal, but I just wanted to share my current faves with the internet world. I HIGHLY recommend the EX1 foundation. It's a European brand but you can purchase it through Beautylish. I learned about it from NikkieTutorials on YT and I always enjoy her recommendations on beauty items. The AirSpun powder has been my go-to powder for baking and for those of you who don't like the scent, they do have an unscented version. But I like the "grandma" smell of it. 

I am loving these two perfumes at the moment. The one on the left is Marc Jacobs "Daisy" eau so fresh edition: it's very floral and refreshing. The one on the right is Jo Malone english pear and freesia: very simple and classic everyday scent. I discovered Jo Malone late in life but I am now hooked. 

This palette was also a LE this year from theBalm Cosmetics. It features the famous trio: Mary Lou, Cindy Lou and Betty Lou Manizer. These three are the perfect shades and consistency to give you that healthy glow in the spring time. You can find these individually as well. By the way, Mary-Lou is the perfect inner-corner highlight! Instant "wake-me-up" trick for the eyes. 

Lastly, lippies! The brighter the better. I have been a fan of NYX Cosmetics for a while now, but I especially adore their lip products. The soft matte lippies are perfect for everyday. It's so easy to apply and the staying power is pretty great, too. Also, their butter lipsticks. They are pigmented and so comfortable on the lips. 

So, these are my current favorite products in the springtime theme. I am so excited for a new season and new beginning. I hope you are too! 


Love & stuff,


Hello, World!