Okay, this was my best Nirvana remake on the lyrics. Spring has officially sprung. My motherland just celebrated "nayruz", which is one of the most ancient holidays in the world. We celebrate rebirth and renewal and we welcome in the new year. I remember as a kid, spring was my favorite time of all because to me it was a promise that summer was coming soon. One of yearly assignments at school was writing an essay about every season. When I wrote my essay for spring, I always talked about flowers. I have always loved flowers and I'd like to think that it was passed on to me from my grandmother who has the greenest thumb -- there is nothing that woman can't grow. All right, before I get all nostalgic and start crying because I miss my grandmother, let's talk about this week's outfit. 

So, the inspiration for this outfit came from a well-known grunge band called Nirvana. I was listening to their vinyl this week while cleaning and it got me thinking about the 90's in general. Spring 2016 spring trends are booming with fashion from the 90's and it's being adapted by a lot of youngsters as well. 

This amazing floral dress is actually vintage from the 90's -- thanks Poshmark! I know what you're thinking, florals for spring? Been there done that. Well, if it works then work it! Also, the off-the-shoulder trend is here to stay too. It is literally all over the inter web. I absolutely love it! I think it adds femininity to any outfit and a touch of youthfulness, too. 

I love pairing floral prints with stripes, as I did here with this little choker. It's actually a bow that I got with a perfume purchase or something of that nature. But who says you can't up-cycle things to your own taste? 

For accessories, I kept it pretty simple. I'm wearing a cute floral watch with a with a white band, which is going to be my favorite spring/summer accessory. My shades are from Quay Australia and I honestly don't know if I'll ever buy any other ones. These sunglasses are very affordable and they are sturdy AND they come in a great variety of styles. I can't praise them enough. 

For shoes I went with a grunge classic -- a white converse. I've had my pair for a while and I just love the worn out look that they have. Sometimes the beauty of something reveals in its age. By the way, if you wear your converse shoes a lot and it's beginning to give off unpleasant odors, sprinkle some baking soda inside and leave overnight. This trick will get rid of odors, tried and true method here. 

The lipstick I'm wearing here is by Milani Cosmetics from the Amore Matte collection and the color is Flirt. I got so lucky last summer because I was able to find all 8 shades at CVS for $2.99 each. I have been wearing them ever since. The quality is amazing! 

One of my favorite things about the fashion world is that everything comes back sooner or later. My hope for you is that you remember the past for what it was and that you live in the now because there is no better time. Do not focus on what has happened but instead focus on the present and take it in one day at a time. Time is precious and we don't have a lot of it. Live your life the way that you see it through your own eyes. Do not let negativity of the past haunt you. Remember the good days and count your blessings. 

I have been really into the Facebook feature "on this day", where you can scroll down your Facebook memories going back in time. I get all sorts of emotions from looking at those memories: sometimes they are sad and sometimes they are so, so good. But at the end of the day, it's a memory of the past - a small portion of it that you chose to share that day on social media. But now think of all the other ones that you did not document. 

Anyway, I am done being nostalgic. I will end in the words of the greatest human alive, Taylor Swift, "One of the things you need to know about me is that I was born in 1990". Live in the resent but remember the past! 




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