Greetings, Friends!

I realize that people have certain things they love to wear, regardless of how many of that thing they already own. For me, I would have to say it's a bit of everything. I definitely have a couple of items that I wear to death.

So, this week I wanted to share with you a few things that I wear a LOT. I think this would be so fun to do for everyone. I would love to see other people share their favorite things.


1. This Rebecca Minkoff Bag. I mean this bag is my gal pal! She fits all of my life's belongings without weighing down my shoulders and giving me scoliosis. It's a very friendly price for a great quality bag. Rebecca Minkoff has been a blogger favorite for a while now. I snatched mine on sale, so always make sure to check for those. The only thing I don't care for in this bag is the front compartment. It's pretty much useless but it does make for a chic look of the bag. 

2. Leather Jacket via Urban Outfitters. This jacket takes me places I have never imagined possible as far as style goes. I have not owned a leather jacket for long, but the day that I got it - it was love at first sight. It made me feel so empowered and so bold, so chic and so confident in my choices of clothing! This is my hope for everyone to feel the same way in clothes. 

I highly recommend investing in a leather jacket. It can change your entire look. For example, I can style the most basic shirt and just a plain pair of jeans with a leather jacket and my outfit goes from a 2 to a 10! 

3. Striped Top via Zara. I mean everyone should own a striped top. It's such a basic piece but can be used in a variety of versatile ways. I love pairing striped tops with floral skirts, bright-colored denim, ripped jeans, white pants, crazy prints and many more combinations. Stripes are always in regardless of the season and I highly recommend adding some stripes to your closet. 

4. Round sunnies from @QuayAustralia. I have always loved John Lennon and his round sunglasses. And I've also been eyeing the ones from Ray-Ban, but couldn't break the bank for an accessory. So, these were a great compromise and I might just love them more than the Ray-Ban ones. These are a rose gold shade with a metal hardware, very sturdy sunnies and fit well on the face. They are currently sold out, so make sure to grab a pair before they're gone again. 

5. Lace Up Flats. These shoes have taken over my life in 2016. I got a pair around Christmas time and now I have two pairs. These cute flats are comfortable and they make any outfit that much cuter. The nude pair I own also helps elongate my legs (I'm 5.4") and often need help in that department. 

6. A Big Floppy Hat! I wear these kinds of hats all the time when it's colder out. So chic and so boho - both things I adore! I like to style a big floppy hat with oversized dresses or tunics, knee-high boots, converse or a maxi dress. This kind of hat makes you feel very Audrey Hepburn-esque and who doesn't want that in their life? 

7. Dainty Gold Rings. These are most certainly my favorite things to wear as far as jewelry. I am a minimalist and like daintier pieces of good quality. I love Etsy to shop for dainty pieces. They make gold-plated, solid gold and solid silver jewelry and all of it is hand-made. I even found a few vintage pieces for a very good price. I like to layer little gold rings together and practically don't ever take them off. Another popular site to check is They have been around for a while and have a reputation of a well-styled and curated jewelry store based out of New York City. They are not in my price range, but you should check them out for sure! 

8. Ripped Denim. White. black, denim, shorts, pants, skirts - ripped everything! Ripped jeans have taken over the world these past couple of years. They are just so chic and so easy to style. I like white jeans for summer and these ones by ASOS were a great addition. They also feature a side zipper, which adds a little bit of added oomph. 

9. Oversized Comfy Sweater. I have been living in this sweater for a year! I wore it every time I didn't know what to wear. I just love comfy clothes that are actually appropriate to wear out (aka not pajamas). I know Wildfox is a popular brand that has a LOT of amazing styles. The one pictures if from and was at a great price. I will be getting a few more of these when it gets cold. 

10. Denim Shorts. I wear jean shorts almost every single day of my life. Come on, I live in Florida where the temperature stays above 70 most of the time. I love pairing denim shorts with more feminine things, like this pretty white top and lace up flats. It adds a bit more personality, since most people wear denim shorts dressed down. This pair right here is Forever21 and I've had it for years. I think denim, like good wine, gets better with age. I get excited when I wear jeans to death and they start to get that vintage feel. I also love denim by Adriano Goldschmied. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and I would love to know what YOU wear too much? Please share in the comments below! I hope you have a fantastic week!