There are days when I feel uninspired and unmotivated. I think negative thought about my personality or the way I look -- it is not a good time for me when those days come. You know the feeling of looking in the mirror and not understanding why you are being so harsh on yourself? Do you ever just start criticizing every little thing about yourself without a good reason? I do. I hate feeling that way, but these thoughts are so overpowering that it's hard to escape. 

So, I take the time to heal my inner girl, the one who feels things and has big dreams. The brave girl inside me who makes decisions based on her own desires and not based on popular beliefs. I let her our and let her rest from the harshness of the world. I take her on a bike ride in the sunshine, I get her ice-cream with extra strawberries, I make her a bubble bath, I let her watch "Roman Holiday" for the 267th time, I let her enjoy her beautiful self without the "extra" things that sometimes she really enjoys, just to remind her that she is enough...

Guess what happens when I take care of the inner girl? Oh, she blossoms! She re-cooperates and gets ready to face the world without doubting herself every step of the way. She smiles genuinely at herself in the mirror, messy hair and all. She finds new ideas that she believes in and goes for what she thinks is best for HER. She has rested and now she is ready to take on everyone by storm. You and I both have that little girl living inside us. She needs you to take care of her, so she doesn't get trampled by the craziness and the absurdity of an everyday life. She needs you to let her be sometimes and give her time to come back to her senses. Love the girl inside you because she is pure joy and beauty, she is tender-hearted and brave, she loves so hard and fails at times, she takes risks and thinks things through, she hurst and lives life to the fullest. 

My inner girl wanted to dress up as a princess of coral land, but she also decided to wear this bomb-ass leather jacket because she is not afraid to take risks. Coral is such a gentle and feminine color and so many skin types can pull this color off. Spring and Summer weddings are also just around the corner and this would be a very chic choice. I actually wore this dress to my beautiful friend Jill's wedding and I was able to dance the night away with my lover boy after devouring all the food -- all thanks to the dress. It hugs in all the right places and doesn't lose shape even though it's super silky and flowy. Now this memory made me miss my friend! (I miss you, Boog!)

I adore these shoes from J. Crew. I scored a good deal because I found them in a thrift shop (yay for rich people donating their stuff, I thank you). I think a pair of snakeskin print heels can take you places from day to night. They are so versatile. 

Another thrift shop find - these beautiful vintage earrings. They are a perfect color match for the dress, unlike those drugstore foundations that are always too dark. 

I want to challenge you this week to enrich your soul, aka your inner girl with goodness. Let her watch the Notebook and encourage her to write in that diary that she got at Target and never used. Let her be free from opinions, negative comments and comparisons. She really and truly deserves that. And once you are back feeling confident and recharged, you can put on a badass leather jacket and go out with your girlfriends. BE-YOU-TIFUL, darlings!





Hello, World!

Hello, World!