Happy Friday, friends! 

I am feeling the boho vibes this week. I was doing some research to see where the bohemian style originated and it turns out that it's been around for a little while now. The original "Bohemians" were travellers or refugees from central Europe (hence, the French bohémien, for "gypsy"). So interesting! 

Boho chic is a more modern term to describe a style that is very unconventional, artistic, free-spirited. My favorite boho babes and constant inspirations are Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. 

If I had to choose one style to live in for the rest of my life, it would definitely be boho chic. I decided to create a few points to help you figure out if your style is boho.

1. You hate constricted clothing (i.e. skinny jeans, tight leggings)  and you prefer looser, more breezy cuts. Just look up "Kate Moss" in a google search and you'll understand what I mean. 

2. You have mastered the art of braiding your hair and achieving that beach wave look. You do not spend much time on makeup either and prefer a very minimal look. 

3. Your favorite prints are florals, paisley, tie dye and suzani. 

4. You own at least 20 different items with fringe and you get excited every time it comes back in style and tell everyone, "I told you it would come back". 

5. Coachella is your favorite music festival and you stock celebrities if you can't go yourself (I am totally raising my hand right now too).

But really, boho chic will always be a staple and will live on for years to come. 

My outfit was an accident (love when that happens). I was trying to clear out my closet and found this gorgeous Anthro tunic, which is what started this whole look. Then I added some turquoise bohemian jewelry and made myself look like a free-spirited nomad gypsy and ta-da! 

You can shop this look in my links below. Some items are not the same but I always try to find similar things nonetheless. Hope you enjoyed it. Now go take those tight jeans off and dress yourself in a breezy dress and go face the weekend. 

Hello, World!