"Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all." — Oliver Wendell Holmes


Dear, Mom

Today we celebrate Mother's Day in this great county that you sent me off to, so I just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter. I know that it may be so banal and redundant to hear your children say that they love you and how grateful they are to you. I mean, DUH! 

I love your kind heart. You have always been a kind mom and a forgiving one also. I just want to say thank you for showing how important it is to be kindhearted to the people in our lives. You have so much love for people, whether they are in our family or just our neighbors, or people who don't know God -- you spread love to each and everyone. Thank you for your friendship and support from childhood to adulthood. I love that I can share my life with you and not be judged harshly. I know that you always have my back even when we don't agree on things. 

Thank you for raising me according to the Bible and your own rules -- I never thought I would ever say that, but I am so grateful because I am a better person for it. You have been the best person to ask for advice and to tell my problems to. And this one is kind of a big one for me, but thanks so much for letting me experiment with my style. I know that you were not thrilled with my Avril Lavigne days with black nail polish and purple converse or my days when I wore heels longer than my legs. Haha! Thanks for letting me express myself through books, art, clothes and always having my back when my teachers complained about me being a little different. 

Thank you for being patient with me while I made some horrible mistakes in life or fell in love with guys who were bad news. Thank you for always trusting me, even when you felt like I wasn't being 100% honest.

I am so grateful for you, mom. I always makes my heart happy to hear Pedro say just how much I look or act like you. 


You are such an amazing mother and I hope to one day become half as great as you! You will always be my favorite woman in the world. I love you forever and always.