Happy Whatever Day Of the Week It Is to you all, loves! 

Raise your hand if you have ever been told that something doesn't go with something or that something can't be worn with/after/under/over something? ALL THE TIME! 

Well, guess what? It ain't so, darlings, it ain't so. I think it is one of the funnest things to do with clothing -- mixing all sorts of patterns and textures together to create a unique ensemble that shows YOUR personality. 

This kimono (via Target clearance rack) has this beautiful aztec-esque print with lilacs and corals and I paired it with a lightweight silky tunic (via Nordstrom Rack's clearance rack), which also has heavy coral notes. On top of all that mixing and matching, I added a bright statement necklace (via Bauble Bar, also clearance) and the colors on the necklace coordinate beautifully with the two other pieces. Together they create an interesting mix of colors, prints and textures. 

The entire look is very comfortable and bohemian, so I added my favorite pair of fringe sandals with a chunky heel (always a good idea!) and some simple white jeans to make the look more spring/summer appropriate. By the way, can we take a moment to sing the ever-so-famous NSYNC line, "IT'S GONNA BE MAY"! 

This Rebecca Minkoff purse is my favorite for spring/summer and I love all the tassels, again going back to the whole boho idea of this look. I tend to be pretty minimalistic with jewelry as of recently, so I mainly wear dainty rings and small studs on a daily basis. I like to get my rings from Etsy. 

Hello, World!

And as always