I am back for another style post featuring this beautiful eyelet crop top by Free People. I snagged this top on sale at Nordstrom Rack, but I had my hesitation about it. I normally try to stay away from "baggier" items since I am shorter and curvier. But this top caught my attention because of its boho style and casual comfy fabric. It is a eyelet top, so you will need to wear a bralette in a similar or neutral shade, unless you like your boobies showing.  That's cool, too, but I prefer to leave mine tucked in most of the time. Haha! 

These denim shorts are my absolute favorite pair by AG jeans. All of the denim from this brand fit my body like a glove, which is a pretty serious compliment coming from a short girl, whose butt and the rest of her body are NOT the same size. Trust me, you'll want to give AG denim a try. 

I really liked the causal vibe of this whole outfit, but it was still dressy enough to go to dinner and frolicking around the city on a Sunday. I am a big supporter of mixing casual and dressy pieces together for a comfier look. I also loved the look that the Converse gave this whole outfit, sort of like a grunge princess look, but definitely a grown-up version. I mean, my mom would choose this outfit over any other thing I use to wear during my high school grunge days (lol, I'm sorry, mommy). See, I did grow out of it after all. On a different note, I don't know if anyone else heard this or read about it, but I have always heard/seen denim shorts styled with baggier tops to tie the whole look in a classier manner. And it's something that I will support forever. This has nothing to do with moral or personal beliefs, I just find it more appropriate to only highlight one body part at a time with tighter clothing. With that being said, you do YOU, BOO! Wear things that make you smile in the mirror, wear things that are "not appropriate" for your whatever, wear things that show who you are on the inside. I hope you have a terrific week. Remember, i like you, so you should like you, too. 


Aida Zhan


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