The old tale goes, "don't wear white after labor day". Have you ever wondered how this silly fashion "rule" came about? My personal opinion was that it had to be because of the way white fabric is seen in terms of a preferred color for hot weather. Hence why white was not "in fashion" after Labor Day, marking the beginning of Fall season. Growing up I always heard my mom say to wear a white t-shirt for playing outside and a white baseball cap, too. Even from a historical point of view, white clothing seemed to keep people cooler in the heat. Like, I see you, Cleopatra rocking an all white ensemble! 

After doing a bit of research on the history of the concept of not wearing white after Labor Day, I realized it's just a load of poo and that no one should follow this nonsense if they don't want to. Specifically, I wanted to see when this trend started in the United States and the internet tells me that it came about after Civil War when wive of rich people needed to do SOMETHING with their time and money. So, they decided to create a bunch of nonsense rules to dissect themselves from anyone below them in social ranking. It was also a way to know who was "old money" and who was "new money". These women created rules to basically bully one another in an acceptable way. For example, if a woman came to the opera or a social gathering and the length of her skirt was an inch above the "standard rule" for that one event, other women would know not to give her the time of day. I mean, yay for snobbery? No, I don't think so. 

I, however, propose a new "rule" and one that we can all follow (hopefully). We should wear whatever the hell we want whenever the hell we want to wear it and not care about other people's opinions. I also propose for women to start having each other's backs more. What is up with us women looking at one another trying to debone one another like a stuffed turkey? And don't you dare tell me that's not true. I do it, too. Sometimes I catch myself judging a woman's outfit before I even look at anything else or getting jealous of a woman instead of admiring her. Well, I am not perfect nor will I ever be. However, I do and will continue to improve my morals and my personality to become more accepting of other women and to be more supportive regardless of my personal beliefs. Does that sound good? Methinks yes! Now, go and be the woman that makes other women want to be like her. I know you are already. 

P.S. HUGE, enormous thanks to @shaycaptures for these amazing photographs.

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