fall look
pumpkin spice outfit

Happy Wednesday -- Fall is officially here, well, maybe not so much in Florida, but you get the picture. With the Fall season comes the most basic form of drink - a PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) that fuels us through Halloween and Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. 

I had this old pair of jeans that I thrifted back in college and I wanted to give them another chance at life by giving them a makeover. I took some scissors and some tools and started fraying the edges of my jeans for a more boho look. I think it added a little personality to an otherwise boring pair of pants. See? You don't always have to spend a lot of money on a new wardrobe for a change of seasons. Always check your closet first for any options you can either add thing to (layering) or maybe add a few DIY hacks for more fun. Would you give it a go? I also threw on this silky top from Forever 21 in this burnt red-orange(-y) color that also is very Fall-ish. And to make it even more PSL-inspired, I added my favorite lipstick for fall. It's by Ofra Cosmetics in the shade "Miami Fever" -- such a unique color and so great for fall season. Hope you enjoyed this and until we meet next time, stay focused on your journey and keep motivating yourself. 

You are loved, darling, you really are.


aida zhan 

Photography by: @shaycaptures