Hi, darlings and dearests:

One of my favorite books is "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's an American masterpiece that gives us a window into the "Roaring Twenties" with all of its splendor, big money, intricate parties and a love story in the midst of all that. I will say this to try to get you to read the book, Daisy's character will disappoint you tremendously even though F. Scott Fitzgerald builds her character with associations of light, purity and innocence. I genuinely like her character for the sole reason that she's not perfect and she makes mistakes. She doesn't try to be someone she's not or deny her vain lifestyle. And even though she is the biggest disappointment in the book, she is probably the most genuine one as well. 

My favorite time in American history are the "roaring twenties" from fashion and books to the way people spoke back then. I think women were not concerned with what their furs were made out of *CALL PETA* or whether the diamonds they wore happen to be conflicting. It was all about their appearance and they were they  were presented at different parties. This was not the time of "less is more" and "black is the new black". And I think there is a certain charm about it, something that intrigues me about the 'roaring twenties".

I also love seeing characters from old books put in modern times. There is an artist that I follow named Anoosha Syed that illustrates Disney princesses as modern day girls with careers that fit their characters so perfectly. And of course I was inspired by it and decided to come up with a look from an old book and put a modern spin on it. So here is my version of Daisy Buchanan that loves Coachella and vintage stores and probably is also a vegan. 

My entire outfit is from Forever 21. I really like this white dress because of its versatility. You really can style it in a multitude of ways from dressy to casual. The boots are a great staple for fall, too. I went for a lighter color just because it goes better with my style, but there are other colors to chose from. This vest is definitely the star of the show. It looks so chic and so regal. I can't wait to show you other ways to style a vest like this. I really hope you enjoyed my look and I also hope you want to read the book and share your thoughts with me. 

Always remember that this world isn't perfect and neither are you. We're all Daisy Buchanans if you think about it. We will disappoint one way or another. We just need to remember that the only people we need to impress are the ones looking at us in the mirror. Stay true to yourself and don't take yourself too seriously.  


aida zhan

PHOTOGRAPHY: @shaycaptures