Blogger Babble: How To Make Friends With Bloggers


Hi, darlings & dearests:

In case you were in a bad mood today, let me remind you that it's FRI-YAY! Also, this blog post will make you smile, too (fingers crossed). I had such a fun time shooting in the rain with my bestie and our new friend, Daniel, who also happens to be an amazing photographer (see all the images for reference). Go give him a follow on insta if you fancy his work! 

Now, lets get back to business. It's been almost a year since my blogging began and it made me think of starting a series on the blog that I so wittily (or not) named "Blogger Babble". I feel like blogging is unlike any other profession because we rely so heavily on support from other people within the niche, whether it's fashion, beauty or travel. We, as influencers, doubt ourselves on a daily basis. Think out loud with me here. How often do you say or think these thoughts, "does anyone even like my content?", "why isn't my blog growing more?"  and etc. 

In the year of my blogging, I learned that one of the most integral parts of being a blogger, especially in the fashion niche, is having a support system of like-minded people. I can not stress this enough. And I know some of you blogger babes are very shy and perhaps reaching out to other bloggers is not something you want to do, BUT I will share with you my secrets and perhaps you'll want to implement them, too. 


1. No matter how good of a blogger you are -- you simply can't do it alone. You want others to interact with your blog and the content you put so much work into, right? If you were to start a book club or a boutique without reaching out to people who also like the same stuff as you. 

2. You need constant inspiration: this does not mean you should copycat all of your blogger friends, but it's so important to stay inspired to be able to create compelling content. I see it a great opportunity for self-improvement, whether you are trying to work on your writing skills or maybe your photography. 

3. Support system: I keep focusing on this so much, because I do believe this to be the foundation of having a successful blog. Once you start meeting people and developing relationships, you will see the tremendous amount of benefits this can have on your growth. 


1. Find people that inspire you locally. Maybe there is a hashtag that a lot of them use. Like, here in Orlando all of the fashion bloggers use the tag #OrlandoBlogger and it lets us know if any new people and helps us discover new accounts. So, you could simply research your city or even state and find people you would want to meet. 

2. Start connecting online: once you have found some people you want to befriend, start interacting with them. If you are a shy one, don't fret and take it slow. If you are outgoing, like myself (textbook extrovert right here) then perhaps you could even ask them to grab some coffee with you. This is something I've done myself and it's a great way to expose yourself and your blog to other creatives in the community. 

3. Attending events: this is not something that is easily available to everyone. There are places where fashion is booming, hence these places have a lot more to offer to bloggers. And there are places that just don't offer any opportunities for bloggers to get together. In this case, I suggest a social gathering for all the bloggers within your niche. You could organize a dinner or a potluck party or even host a "Shop My Closet" type of event. 

I am so grateful for the amazing community I have here in my city, #OrlandoBlogger babes are growing strong and I am so happy to see new faces. When I started my blog, one of the first people that I followed on Instagram was @alpa.rama also known as A Parisian In America. I was so inspired by her European style and cute accent and I knew I wanted to meet her. The very first time I saw her was at an event and I just went up to her and said, "Hey, girl I follow your on Instagram but like, how does one pronounce your name?" I'm sure she thought it wad an odd question, but she was very kind and we ended up having dinner and becoming good friends. All it took was that initial push to introduce myself to her. She is the lovely girl in the photos that Daniel took of us. I will also link their social channels below if you want to follow them. I really hope you enjoyed this blog post. And if you ever have any other questions about bogging, feel free to reach out or ask me in the comments sections (I always check!). 

Have a splendiferous weekend, darlings. Au revoir