Monday Blues - Comfy Shoes


Hi, darlings and dearests:

We all experience a little Monday blues, right? Whether you are feeling anxious about the start of a new week or you're just plaid mad that the weekend is over, here are a few simple ways to brighten up your blue Monday:

1. Try making all of your Sunday plans a bit more active in the first half of the day and then do something more relaxing in the evening. This will help your body rest and you won't feel so tried on Monday morning. For example, my hubby and I like to catch up on all of our shows on Sunday night and enjoy some takeout. 

2. Put together a cute outfit for the first day of work. Maybe add a little color to your office attire or try a new shade of lipstick. Anything to help you brighten your day!

3. Perhaps a new breakfast will do it, if you are stimulated by food as much as I am. You can get me to do anything by offering food in exchange.

4. For those of you who perhaps feel anxious, try meditating in the morning. It doesn't have to be long, just enough to calm your nerves and stabilize the breathing. You got this, babe!

5. Dress comfortably! Ditch them heels on Monday. You already have enough things going on, why stress out your feet, too? My whole idea behind this look was to show how comfortable you can be, while looking adorable as hell. I have gotten my first pair of TIEKS and I must admit, these shoes are a game changer! Not only are they amazingly comfortable, but they are also super compact and can easily fit in your purse to save your feet later on. Tieks are made out of genuine Italian leather and the softest kind of leather for that matter. These shoes are definitely here to stay in my closet! Check them out here. 

The rest of the outfit is something I put together for any weekend wear. I scored this ZARA dress on sale during the spring cleaning. It has a Parisian vibe to it and stripes are making a comeback this spring. I threw an oversized denim jacket from FOREVER 21 on top for that extra casual look. I really hope you enjoyed this look. I will have a major announcement soon, so if you're not following me on Instagram, be sure to do so! 

Photography: Shakira McGowan (@shaycaptures)