Retro Vibes n Red Lips.


Hi, darlings & dearests:

Please tell me that I am not the only one who is sick and tired of seeing weekday countdowns all over social media? People post one for every day of the week. Like, can we get a break please? You don't need to remind me that it's Monday and that I can move mountains if I believe in myself. I also don't need a reminder that it's Friday, Fry-day or Fri-YAY! I know when the weekend comes, don't you worry. Okay, end of rant...for now. 

I realize that I live in Florida and there is no visible transition into Spring, but I still manage to trick myself into thinking that I can blog about spring looks after all these harsh wintery months. I used to think spring fashion only consisted of pastels and puffy-looking easter dresses. As I started getting more and more into fashion and developing my personal style, I stepped away from the things that everyone expects you to wear for any given reason. I mean, if you love your pastels for spring, more power to you! I just didn't like that trend on me. I hope that the way I dress myself can encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and feel free to not follow trends. There is no reason at all to try to buy everything that is "in style" because most likely these "trends" will become obsolete in two weeks. The retail industry is wired that way to make us think we need to shop on a weekly basis, because whatever we have hanging in our closet is not stylish anymore. I realized that with myself and I am working on that, too. I would buy things at Forever 21 in hopes to get reposted, but unless I bought the item that same day and took photos in it that same day, chances of being reposted were quite slim. This is not to bash F21 in any way. I will continue to shop there, as they are affordable and their clothes have quality to them. The point that I'm trying to get across is that you don't need to follow this scheme of buying new clothes every week just to be stylish. I think it's fun to experiment and try things you haven't before, but not everything at once. Be smart about the things you buy. Invest in quality pieces, like good denim, jackets and basics. But, darling, don't ever feel pressured to try out every trend there is. 

So, here is my spring look for your enjoyment. I've had this black bell-sleeve crop top for a while and I've styled it in so many different ways. It was a pretty inexpensive purchase via SheInside. I like the length of it -- not too short, but still a crop top making it a great piece to wear with high-waisted clothes. My skirt is my most recent Zara purchase from their Spring 2017 collection. I love the muted blue shade and the retro silhouette of the skirt. I've always had curves to my body, so anything that is high-waisted is what I gravitate towards because it helps me to accentuate my waist. I added some wedges from BCBGeneration from last year to pull off this retro-ish look. To finish everything off, I added my favorite MAC red lipstick and some gold-toned jewelry and my current favorite bag from Closet Access (Kendall crossbody)



Photography Credit: Shakira McGowan (@shaycaptures)