Wardrobe Basics 101: Cashmere Sweaters


Hi, friends and welcome to a new series called “Wardrobe Basics 101”. It’s 2019 and it is time to shop smarter and invest in quality pieces. I have always been more of a “trendy” gal and most of my shopping was done at Forever 21. And there’s nothing wrong with that except with time when you look closely at your closet, you won’t find any quality pieces that can mature with you. Trust me, that sequined H&M skirt I had in college is no longer in my closet and neither are those low-rise flares from American Eagle. But I hope these new pieces I have started to invest in will be with me for years and years to come.

I bought my very first 100% cashmere sweater in December. I honestly didn’t want to spend that much money on a sweater but once I did the math and had my friends cheering me on to purchase one, I finally caved in and even bought another one. Here are a few reasons why I think every woman should have a cashmere sweater in her closet:

  1. They are a classic staple, meaning that this kind of sweater will never go out of style unlike that sequin anchor top from WetSeal you’ve been holding on to for good measure.

  2. They can be styled in so many ways. I kid you not when I say that my cashmere turtleneck can be worn with any jeans or skirts and still look amazing. I have worn it casually and dressed up and have always been pleased with the overall look.

  3. It’s incredibly soft and warm. Why choose comfort or style when you can have both. I feel super comfortable when I wear my cashmere sweater and never have a feeling of wanting to take it off immediately after getting home.

  4. It’s a better choice for the overall environment because it’s a higher quality production, so you can’t really turn cashmere into a “fast fashion” kind of garment.

    I got both of my sweaters from Free People and have since worn them A LOT. My favorite way of wearing my sweaters is just with a god pair of jeans. Here, I styled my turtleneck cashmere sweater with the Levi’s 501 Skinny jeans and a camel-colored coat. I added my Lack of Color hat for a bit of chic and threw on some comfy black loafers. This sweater has kept me warm during the few weeks of below 50 in Northern California. * yes that’s very cold for us*

    Overall, I am so pleased with my sweaters and I am excited to wear them throughout the winter months. Would you invest in one yourself?