Your Ultimate Guide on How To Be a Better Human in 2018


Hi, friends. Hope you have had a wonderful holiday season! 

It's time for us to talk about the whole "new year, new me, b**** ordeal and how to actually achieve your New Year's resolutions. I am not the one to talk because I don't have my shit together most of the time, but it's fine as long as I am trying, right?

You gotta start small with whatever plans you have for the new year. maybe start with just a few things that you want to work on and then add more as you go. My dad always says, "you have to do something for 21 days straight for it to become a habit for life" and I agree on this one. 

Don't set any big goals that are not tangible, such as "I'm gonna hit a million followers" or "I'm going to buy a BMW" although you should always reach for the stars. But remind yourself that you are only human and that you won't ever be perfect. Once you have that mindset, you can start working on your goals. I, personally have learned that writing things down and visualizing them helps me stay more organized throughout the day. So, whether I have laundry on my list or a bunch of projects for AFB, I make sure I have written it all down thus creating that physical memory of the things I need to work on. Don't forget to prioritize things as it will help you maneuver through your tasks better. I usually rank my daily tasks and goals with a star: three stars for super important things, two stars if it something not urgent, and one star if it's just a task that can wait until later. It's also important to cut yourself some slack sometimes. I have people in my life who are perfectionists and it's hard for them to relax when they have things to do. Actually Pedro is like that and I have to constantly remind him to take things slow every once in a while. And if you're on the other spectrum (like me) and need a push to get things done, just remember that it's okay to ask for help. You can totally ask a friend to help motivate you or maybe you guys could keep each other accountable. I did this in college a lot with my friends and it has proven to be pretty effective. 

And here is my personally curated list of things that you can do to become a better human:

1. Smile at people - chances are that you already do this but if you're like where you unconsciously parade around your best #RBF then you can probably make a better effort of smiling at people. It's such an easy thing to do and can mean the world to someone.

2. Stop making excuses - this is a big one I am working on this year, guys, not gonna lie. I do this a lot and sometimes without noticing. Instead of blaming the world around you for your misfortunes or mistakes, just own up to them and learn from them. 

3. Be honest. This is something that I think I have been able to achieve so far. I try to be as honest as I can with people around me and in my marriage as well. I am not the kind of friend that will say what you need to hear just to make you feel better. And this is maybe why I have lost a lot of them over the years (but that's okay). What I want to work on this year is learning to convey my thoughts and feelings better. Truth does hurt sometimes but being lied to hurts more. 

4. Listen to people - I can't tell you how many conversations I had with friends and even strangers where they would be so surprised that I was listening and say something like, "oh wow can't believe you remember, you actually listened". Why yes, I listened. I think it is common sense to listen to people when they share something but I suppose that has been forgotten in this internet-crazed millennia. I see this new idea of bonding as it is portrayed on social media where you can have a "meaningful conversation" watching Netflix and texting and talking to a friend all at the same time. I mean for Pete's sake, I have even experienced this in my personal life where I have gone on dates with new friends only to watch them glued to their phones as they sip their dairy-free, gluten-free, fun-free latte. But you can do better than this, my darling. I know you can.

5. Be yourself. Always. I said recently on my Instagram Story that I want to be even more honest and transparent on social media. I don't want to curate a life I don't actually lead to appear cooler to people. So, prepare yourselves for lots of very honest conversations and outtakes. I will be sharing with you all very soon the story of how I finally became myself after years of living out someone else's plans and dreams for me. 


And with all of these tips, you may need a few helpful tools to be on your best game this year. I am linking some of my favorite things that I think are great for staying organized, inspired and motivated. Hope this post was helpful. 

Hugs and kisses to all!