Hi. We meet again. 

Today, I want to share a sporty+chic look. It's very appropriate for this transitional weather we are having now in Florida. I also want to add that 2016 has been the year of striped clothing for me, personally. I have purchased more striped clothing this month ALONE than I have in my whole life. I just think stripes work as a basic print so, so well. You can dress it up, dress it down. You decide, honey. 

Let's talk bomber jackets for a sec, shall we? Are they cool? Are they trendy? Should you invest in one for yourself? The general verdict from me would be a hard YES. Bomber jackets are my newfound love. The one I'm wearing came from "Cotton On". I like the simple black color with white striped detailing on the sleeves and collar. It goes with any casual outfit and you can even throw it on with a summery dress + tights to make it "fall wear ready". Because let's be honest, it's not going to get that cold here in Florida, so a simple bomber jacket could serve you well through the "harsh winter season"! Haha! I don't think I even need to mention the Adidas Superstars. They have flooded the internet lately. But I wanted a pair so badly, so I decided to grab one and join the "mainstreamers". Judge me, I dare you! I will say that they are hella comfy, especially if you're into having your shoes on the looser side. I recently traveled to Texas and wore these babies on the flight. It was super easy to go through security since these shoes are easy to take off/slip on. All in all, I give them an "A+"! 

I have talked about crop tops before on my blog and the courage it took to start rocking them again. I've learned in my 20's that we, as women, focus so much on the negative things when it comes to physical appearance. Mainly, I blame the culture and gender roles that helped form these presuppositions we create as women that we must be perfect in every sense of the way.

I was recently watching a talk show featuring Ashley Graham, a popular plus size model who appeared on covers of Vogue, Sport Illustrated, Cosmo -- just to name a few. She has an amazing platform where she shares her passion for fashion, as well as self-acceptance and she does a great job of educating women on breaking every single stereotype. She said a very interesting thing about being called a "plus size" model. Ashley was saying how it kind of gives this stigma of her being a one type of model, like she has to stay within those limits. She was saying how we, as women, always describe other women in words that limit us, "she is this kind of model, she is a single mom, she sells Mary-Kay".  I often do this myself, which is something I promised myself to work on. Women have endured so much over the years that it is so important to support each other instead of putting each other down. It is so crucial for women to stick together now more than ever to fight for equality in every aspect of life. We need to learn to appreciate one another's beauty without questioning our own. I know it may not be groundbreaking advice, however, it's good advice and one that everyone should repeat like a mantra. 

Anyway, the whole point was to just remind you how beautiful you are and encourage YOU to try wearing something outside of your comfort zone. Trust me, you will like it and if you don't that's okay, too. But at least you tried. I love you, girl and I hope you love yourself, too. 


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