Blogger Babble: Get Yourself Authenticated


Hi, darlings and dearests:

It is time for another Blogger Babble. My last one was a big hit and I was asked to continue on with the series (you can find my last one here ). And before I begin talking about this, please know that this post was not meant to be offensive, but encouraging. I really do want to share my heart with you guys and not make it only about Fashion. So, just take it as it is.

A u t h e n t i c i t y : not false or imitation. 

People have been on the hunt for authenticity these days like it's the beacon of hope for all humanity. It seems like a day doesn't go by without someone using the word "authentic" . We've created this  specific niche for it in our social environments and we feel as though we have to research it and attain it at any price. 

In my opinion, if you're looking for authenticity in yourself, then you've probably already lost it. The whole essence of the word is that you stay true to yourself, but we crave it so much  that we forget to do just that -- to be ourselves. The way I relate this to blogging is that we all want to have a voice or a presence on social media. I think it's a great gesture for wanting to be honest and to want to truly connect to people. I find it admirable. However, this is not something that can be attained because it's already in you. My darling, if you are on this hunt of finding yourself for the sake of standing out on social media, I urge you to stop and rethink. You are already YOU and that's more than enough. You don't have to have some crazy story for people to love you. You don't have to have amazing writing skills for people to love you. You don't have to have clever captions, amazing edits, whatever "cool" thing you may think would help you appear more authentic. Just. Be. You. 

I will support if you're the girl with only selfies (Lord knows I need help with those). I will also support you if your feed is not on "point" because literally, no one cares. I will support you if your style doesn't resonate with mine. I will support you if you only put emojis in your captions. I promise to be there for you. Don't be hard on yourself in trying to find this authenticity for Instagram to give you better engagement. Be inspiring by being you. 

So to top this all off, here is some realness about me that I've never shared before:

1. I drink coffee 70% for taste and 30% to stimulate my bowels in the morning. Ain't no shame in my game, girl (or boy). 

2. I am so messy it's not even funny. When I was little, my Mom would literally throw out all my s*** outside to teach me a lesson. Sorry, mama, it didn't work out so well. I just use the "creative mess" excuse when I can, but mostly I'm just messy AF.

3. I go through so many stages with my nails. Sometimes they're long and healthy and sometimes I bite them and then hide that with acrylics. It's frustrating, but I'm working on it. Please help me with any advice on that one. 

4. I love my dog more than I love some people. I'm sorry for that one, but it's never going to change. He is the love of my life (really hope my husband doesn't read this) and I will always treat him like a human. I'm a dog Mom and I'm suuuuper extra about it. 

5. I went to a Bible Seminary, where I studied Theology. However, now I choose to not be associated with a religious organization. I want to live the best life I can by doing good unto others and not oppressing others with my "religious views". 

6. I'm probably going to get stoned for this one, but here goes -- I hate most desserts, ice-cream, chocolate, cake, whatever. I would much prefer to ear fresh fruit. 

7. I struggle with body image sometimes. My weight has always fluctuated between 125-140 lbs. It always stresses me out when I go shopping because I never know what the scale will show me that day. However, I find daily inspiration among some of the amazing women I follow on Instagram. They teach me through their downfalls and issues that we can ALL get through this stage where we think our bodies were damned by all the gods at once. 

8. I genuinely love people. Perhaps I am the most textbook-definition of an optimist to ever walk this planet or perhaps I'm just curious, but I have always loved meeting people. I thrive in a social environment with tons of people I don't know. It's like candy. If you ever need someone to listen to your whole life story while drinking wine, I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE. 

I really hope this encourages you to truly be a u t h e n t i c . And just remember that you are perfect in your own imperfections. 

*Huge thanks to my friend, Mohsin (@manjistan) for capturing these images