EveryBODY is Beautiful


Hi, internet friends:

Just to refresh your memory, my name is Aida and I am a self-proclaimed advocate for body positivity. Now, don't get me wrong, I have my moments when I don't love myself the way that I encourage others to love themselves. And sadly, this has been the case for me as of lately.

As many of you know, I recently moved from the sunny Florida to...well, sunny California. This move was a huge change for my little family and we are still getting used to our new life here. I have been very stressed with the move and figuring lots of things out. The long travels and unpacking and other things contributed to my poor diet in the last two months or so. I would just eat something quickly and call it a day. Other times, I would only eat a big meal once a day,which is also very bad. All in all, these bad habits and constant stress caused me to put on a few pounds. I was noticing some tightness in my jeans a a little tummy fat peeking out from my crop top and I JUST CRIED. I sat in my tiny bathroom and cried like a little girl. I was punching myself in my stomach and pinching my things trying to grasp the reality of my life. I hated my body so much in that moment. And then, of course, being a millennial I did the most logic thing and I went on the internet to try to find inspiration. After browsing the web, I found nothing that could help me. Then I have a greasy In-N-Out burger and called it a night. Thankfully, this episode didn't repeat, but I was still very self-conscious of my extra pounds. 

I ordered some items to style for the summer and when I got the package, I was so discouraged because none of the items seemed to fit the way I wanted them to fit. So I just threw it out in a pile and ignored the "issue". That same day, I was watching some blogger's instagram story that just popped up on my feed ( I can't even remember who it was or how I found their instagram story) but I was grateful that I did. This girl was talking about how she also gained some weight and how she was feeling unmotivated to post her OOTD's and style looks for her blog. She said that she started taking sexy selfies of herself in the mirror and learning to love the girl in those photos, flaws and all. 

I felt so inspired by her and I wish I could direct you all to her feed, but I haven't been able to find her account again in the sea of millions of bloggers. That same week, my friend Shay came to visit me in San-Francisco and we did a bunch of shoots together. Her being here really motivated me to get dressed and to show off the body I was given. So I grabbed the dress that I am wearing here from the pile of clothes that didn't fit (in my opinion) and I styled it for one of our shoots. I didn't care that it was borderline-short for a girl who has thighs. I didn't care that it was a little flowy and risky for a girl who carries extra pounds on her body. I just wore the dress and didn't let it wear me. I think this shoot was so genuine and I like the way that I look in the photos. I hope this can be a reminder or encouragement to you, darling. If you are feeling what I was feeling, just remind yourself that you are stronger than your insecurities. You. Are. Be-YOU-tiful!