Hi, girls and boys 

I hope everyone is having the time of their lives this summer. As for myself, I am having to adult a lot lately, which leaves very little time for blogging. BUT, I had to find the time to showcase this look I created for you all. When I first saw that culottes were making their way back, my first thought was Louis XVI dressed in culottes. Basically, I smiled and decided to pass that "trend". I started seeing different models and bloggers showcasing culottes and I really liked the way it looked on them. Most of the culotte looks I saw were sporty, normally styled with some sort of a sneaker. So, I wanted to create a look that would be a bit more feminine. 

The French word culotte is (a pair of) panties, pants, knickers, trousers, shorts, or (historically) breeches; derived from the French word "culot", meaning the lower-half of a thing, the lower garment in this case. The modern culottes are normally wide-legged and end about halfway at the calf (depending on your height). To be frank with you all, my intimidation with culottes was mainly because of my calves. Normally, we are taught to hide our imperfections and highlight the things we like about ourselves, right? Well, my calves have always been the thing I wanted to hide. So, that's why I was a little hesitant to try the culotte pants. 

For me personally, the trick was finding the right shoe to elongate the legs and the right top to make sure I was accentuating my waist. I found this adorable pair of pants on sale and fell in love with the lilac/purple tones of it. I paired it with this trendy lace-up bodysuit, which is extremely body-hugging to give me a nice silhouette.

I accessorized with these gorgeous heels by BCBGeneration that have tassel details in the back (very boho) in this taupe-neutral color. The chunky heel gave my feet some comfort and the ankle strap helped elongate my legs, as well as the actual color of the shoe. I also wanted to showcase these gorgeous earrings that are in the same hues as the pants for a little pop of color. To be honest, I don't own a lot of jewelry and I don't normally highlight jewelry in my everyday style. I am very minimal (except for my rings) and will wear the same thing over and over again. 

I hope you all enjoyed this look and I hope that you give culottes a go too. I would love to see you style them, so please tag me in your photos on IG or Facebook. If you have any specific requests to style something, let me know in the comments


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