I have always been a huge fan of the American flag - so bold and colorful. I remember the first time I came to this country at the age of 11 or 12. My dad was coming to study at a Seminary in Dallas, TX and the whole family got to spend a year there as well. I remember everything like it was yesterday: the trip to the airport, the AC, my first happy meal, the humidity of Texas and grandma/grandpas driving cars. Everything seemed so surreal and super-sized, including women's hair (granted, we're talking Texan women, who take pride in their big hair). One of the first important lessons I learned from Texans is that, "everything big comes from Texas" and that "all y'all" is a real word that can and should be used on a daily basis. 

I fell in love with America from the moment I got over culture shock. I felt like my whole world changed and I blossomed here from a shy girl with glasses to a girl who was home-schooled, had cool American friends and watched "Friends" oh and got to wear contact lenses for the first time ever. I loved the state of Texas with its endless green pastures, horses with silky-smooth hair (way better than mine for that matter), kind-hearted people and sweet tea. 

America charmed my little teenage heart and I knew in that little heart of mine that one day we would meet again. And we sure did...a few years later. I got an opportunity to go to an American college and live here as a student. I am so proud to live in this great country, where you CAN have opportunities regardless of what you look like or where you came from. We are so fortunate here and I hope we always remember just how lucky we are to live in country of so many people's dreams. I also want to take this moment to remember the brave and fallen, the ones who gave it all to keep the piece and freedom under our blue skies. I may not know your names or where you came from or how it was that YOU defended this country, but God knows that I am grateful and as long as I live, I will remember this day. THANK YOU! 

This dress was a recent find from a local thrift store. I love the navy blue color with white polka-dots. It's very simple but the shape of the dress keeps it nice and flirty. I couldn't think of a better clothing piece that a little feminine dress to wear on a hot day in Florida to celebrate Memorial Day. I wanted to look cute but also not be sweating all day and this dress helped me achieve just that. My shoes are from Nordstrom Rack and they have not been left to collect dust since the moment I got them. They are comfortable, edgy, neutral, inexpensive -- all things I like so much. 

For accessories, I recently got these adorable cat eye sunglasses by Quay Australia. I love the gold hardware and also the mirrored lenses effect, a must have for the summer. My purse is a good ole classic by Rebecca Minkoff in a nice tan color that will match anything in your closet. The blue bralette I'm wearing is from Victoria's Secret and it's a great item to wear with sundresses and tank tops in the hot weather (also the support is pretty decent). 

I hope you all enjoyed my simple look for this Memorial Day. Remember to check out all the links that I provide for you in the bottom of the blog, just in case you wanted to shop same or similar items. Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend and remember to say a prayer of gratitude for the heroes that we've lost to war and service. 



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