Happy Sunday, lovelies and darlings of the world

I feel like I haven't done an outfit post in a while, so here I go fixing that. I also wanted to take the time to thank all of my friends and family for making my 26th birthday such a memorable one this year. It was beyond amazing! My little heart was overjoyed.

Summer time is in full swing here in Florida. Most days my dashboard thermometer is just a tad bit shy of 100 degrees. That being said, you're probably thinking, "why on earth would you wear denim?" and it's a fair question. Well, there are different fabrics within the general denim umbrella, if you will. I always try to look for chambray denim. It's definitely more airy and breezy to wear in the heat. The dress I'm wearing that I got at Zara (shocker!) is a chambray denim and it's just amazing for the hot weather. It also features open shoulders for that little extra space for sun kisses. I am also loving this hat with my new lighter hair. Most days I don't feel like spending too much time on my hair, so a hat like this saves the day...always. 

For accessories, I again kept it pretty simple. I just wore these awesome shades by Ray-Ban in the John Lennon style - it's the shades of the summer, as they are featured on every blog, like seriously. The bucket bag was a thrift shop find and my wedges are by Vince Camuto, purchased at their new store in Disney Springs (y'all need to check them out)! 

I hope you enjoyed my current favorite summer look. I went downtown in this outfit for a day of exploring with my Pedro for 4th of July and we ended up snapping some photos as well. If you are ever in Orlando, check out Gringo's in DT for some yummy tacos and burritos and my personal favorite, empanadas. I'm wishing you a super sunny summer filled with lots of fun activities before it gets cold and gloomy again.


Hello, World!


Love and stuff,

Aida Zhan