How To Wear Leopard Print



I am not usually one to follow most trends but I jumped on the whole leopard/cheetah print this fall. I always cringe when it comes to really trendy or statement pieces because I need a damn good reason to justify purchasing them. And perhaps it has to do with age and being in the real adult world. You want to build a capsule closet and stick to buying things that will help you get there with time. So, obviously, this coat was NOT a capsule closet piece by any means. However, I felt the need to splurge on this for the sake of fun. I never knew a good way to style leopard print, so that was another reason to get on board and buy this coat. And as someone who was a victim of the terrible early 2000's fashion, I remember my Mom and aunties pairing leopard print in the most obscure ways, which probably traumatized my eyes. Don't worry, I'm sure your mom did too. Anyway, I decided to pair this leopard coat that I got from Forever 21 and I paired it with these fun flared (high waisted) pants from Parker New York. I wanted the look to have a few pops of red, as it is the "IT" color this season. So, I added this rad band tee and a red beret

I like how colorful yet neutral this look is and how it is still pretty cohesive. If you are new at mixing prints such as leopard or cheetah, I highly suggest starting out with solid colors. Maybe get one animal print item and pair it with denim and a simple tee to start you off. And once you get more comfortable, you can play around with different patterns and even adding texture to the mix as well. I hope you enjoyed this look. And here are a few styling ideas to get you started with leopard print. 

1. Style a leopard print blouse with denim cutoffs 

2. Wear leopard (or any other animal print) shoes with your basic denim + neutrals

3. Style a leopard print dress with a leather jacket and biker boots

4. And for my brave babes: treat leopard like a neutral and mix it with other prints, such as polka dot or stripes. 

I hope you like my styling ideas and until next time, be good and do good <3