First off, hi and I cut my hair! I haven't gotten a short haircut in over 12 years, so this is such a huge change for me. All I want to do is sing David Bowie's "ch-ch-ch-chaanges!!" at the top pf my lungs! I have been feeling in such a rut lately and I thought maybe I needed to get some new clothes or try a new nail polish, BUT it was my hair all along. Once the stylist chopped off the big portion of my hair, I just smiled and loved it. Now I feel so much more inspired and my hair routine takes me five minutes. 

I have a newfound obsession with QuayAustralia sunglasses. They are very affordable and are of high quality. You can get them on Urban Outfitters or NastyGal, since it is an Australian brand and shipping can get a bit pricey. They are so on trend with all the styles, like these cat-eye one with tortoiseshell design. I honestly could never justify an expensive pair of sunglasses, because then I would always feel nervous using them. But with more affordable ones, you can have many and have good quality accessories. 

For accessories, I kept it dainty and minimal (sort of). I love good-quality jewelry that won't tarnish on my skin in a week. So my motto is to spend a little extra on essential pieces and have those pieces last me a long time. A lot of my jewelry comes from various Etsy shops. You can find so many great pieces without breaking the bank and you are supporting small businesses as well. All of my rings were handmade by my favorite jewelry designer EllynBlueJewelry. You can find her on IG, Etsy and Inselly. Check her out! She makes silver and pure gold jewelry for great prices! 

Continuing with accessories, this Rebecca Minkoff bag has been a favorite ever since I got her. This is the Mac bag in a khaki color (goes with the whole blog name, doesn't it?). I snatched it on one of the HauteLook event for half the price! They have RM events often, so be on the lookout for those. It's a really well-made bag that goes with practically anything. They also carry a smaller version of this bag, called the Mini Mac. Those pom-poms are al over the internet and on every blog these days. i got mine on Amazon for $5 each. They are awesome quality even after I got rained on, they kept their shape and texture. Score! The watch is Daniel Wellington and is an everyday essential for me. It is so minimal yet such a beautiful addition to any outfit. 


I got this dress at Ross yesterday for $11! It's by the brand NewLook. I love how loose-fitted it is with these metal details on sleeves and pockets. The whole dress has that military vibe making it so casual yet very chic. I paired the dress with these Birkenstock-like shoes that I found at T.J. Maxx. They are so comfortable and I love the metallic-gold color of them, too! 

In closing, I want to say that life is full of changes that we don't even notice sometimes. Change is good for the soul. I want to encourage YOU to step out of your comfort zone, even if it's something basic like getting a new haircut. We were created in a divine image to be the best version of ourselves and to always strive for improvement. I want to remind you that you are so much more than your looks or your brains. Don't let the world pressure you into traps, whether it's fashion or music or anything in between. Be you and only you. 

"You is smart. You is kind. You is important."


Love & stuff, 


Hello, World!