Explore With Me: Big Sur, Monterey Bay, Yosemite

The one time I found a weak internet connection. Oh the struggle. 

The one time I found a weak internet connection. Oh the struggle. 

Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees
— Rumi

Today I woke up craving that fresh, crisp air of the mountains. I woke up with a burning desire to disconnect and be left alone in my thoughts surrounded by virgin beauty of our planet. 

I recently was fortunate enough to visit some of the most majestic places here in Northern California and experience all the glory of the state I live in. During our trip to all of these beautiful places I remember feeling so at peace with myself and my surroundings. There were fewer "first world" distractions which allowed me to truly enjoy my trip and take it all in. I wanted to continue with this newfound perspective in my everyday life. So here are a few things I am trying to implement in my life and I thought that I'd share them here, too. 

1. Go for a walk/run without any technology. This one is hard for me to preach as I am attached to my phone 24/7 but it feels good to just rely on your own self sometimes. When I was younger (before smart phones came about) I would always go somewhere not knowing the area and I never got lost. I would use my own voice to ask for directions and people always helped. So I am working on doing this at least a few times a week to remind myself that there is life to be lived outside of my iPhone and Instagram.

2. Start your day with a meditation: I am not saying you need to become a monk or reach nirvana. Meditating can be simply done by closing your eyes and counting your blessings every day. I like to start my day with a task and remind myself that "I am fully present and my day is going to be good even if there's bad in it" . 

3. Avoid your phone when possible: if you have an appointment where you have to wait for sometime, instead of staring at your phone, try bringing a book to read or some other activity you can do while waiting. If you're running an errand, leave your phone in the car. You do not need to have your phone on you at all times. Life is simpler that way. 

4. Be mindful: whether it's eating dinner or doing a chore, do them with intention and awareness. When it comes to food, remind yourself to enjoy the flavors and the aroma. Even if you live alone, try to set a nice ambiance for yourself. Let's not be the girls who eat over the sink every night wishing we had someone special in our lives. Let's live our lives before the special someone comes in the picture. 

5. Allow kindness to prevail. No matter how you live your life, be kind. I know it's hard to always be nice, especially if people are not reciprocating. But remember to be kind when you can. It can make someone's whole day.  

I hope this helps you in any big or small way. I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos that Pedro took. I can't wait to go back for another epic adventure. Now it's your turn to go out there. There is an adventure of your own waiting for you. So good and explore! Until next time, be good and do good. Always. 



*Photos by Pedro Vianna aka @pedro.g.vianna