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You know what blows? The fact that a day doesn't go by without me seeing division and hatred among women. It literally makes me so sad to see women go after their own by putting each other down and saying nasty,hateful things to one another. Enough is enough, ladies. STOP. THIS. NONSENSE. I understand that every one is entitled to their own opinions, even when it comes to other people. But must you call another woman a h**, a b****, a c*** and etc.? Don't you think there is a better way to express our feelings, like with wine or cheese fries or just by talking?

I think we are living in a new and exciting era where we, as women, can freely engage in the things that matter to us and choose what we want to do. It wasn't that long ago that we couldn't even vote, so we are definitely on the right track to success. So I think it's a good idea to reprogram our brains to be more supportive of our own gender. Let's not hate, but collaborate! Let's empower each other and grow together! The world needs more girl bosses.

My outfit was inspired by a little #girl boss named Dani. She owns an amazing brand called Dazey LA based in the sunny California. You can check out the Dazey LA website here and get your own pair of magic pants. I'm not kidding, that is literally what they're called. I love the whimsical design and the velvet fabric (velvet has literally taken over the year 2016)! My tip for anyone who is on the shorter side is to hem the pants or wear them with platforms like I chose to do. I paired the pants with this Wildfox tee from a few years ago. It's very boho and lightweight and can be used for layering if it's a little colder. This look is a bit different and not everyone will love it, but that's okay. The most important thing about fashion (and life) is to have fun and experiment! So, do more of that, darling. You won't regret it. And wherever you are in life, know that there are women who support you and love you. And remember, you are much stronger, prettier, kinder than you give yourself credit for and you are going places.

Photography: girl boss Shakira McGowan (@shaycaptures)