Monochromatic Monday. Hello, beautiful people. Today, I bring you a look that is not my usual style as it is very neutral and classic. I tend to gravitate toward bright and bold colors. However, this look is making me smile every time I look at these photos. 

This gorgeous skirt is by the brand bobeau that I got at Nordstrom Rack. It has an amazing pencil skirt structure with lace detailing at the bottom, which adds a sexy flair to the skirt. You can wear this skirt to work and to play. Gingham print is slaying the scene since grunge rock days. It's so easy to style with brighter colors or neutral ones. 

I mean, look at the details of the skirt! So beautiful! These shoes are a staple for any woman and any age. They are suede with a classic 6-inch pump and will be a great addition for any look. Mine are from BCBGenerataion. 

I found this gorgeous crop top on an app called Poshmark (feel free to follow my page @aida90). Quite frankly, I was nervous to put it on my body. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift and I adore her style. She always wears these cute  skirts with crop tops but in such a chic way. So, I decided to try that style out for myself. "We'll never go out of style!" Sorry, I had to add that line! 

I know that I don't have a body of a VS angel, but I am confident in what I wear. I also think that a high-waisted skirt is a way to go with crop tops, if you are not a fan of having your skin too exposed. 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this look and I am so thrilled to do these more regularly. Keep checking for me style posts and beauty hacks and anything else in between. 


Love & stuff,


Hello, World!