Shine, Baby, Shine.


New Year! 

"Let the beauty we love be what we do" 



"life wasn't something we were supposed to be good at, it's something we're supposed to live through. i am just finding this out."


Be good. Do good.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire



"The older you get, the more you realize that it isn't about the material things, or pride or ego. It's about our hearts and who they beat for"


As I sit here trying to gather up my thoughts for this post, I can't help but smile thinking of all the blessings this year has brought. It feels like this year has been the year of personal growth for me in so many aspects; from dealing with multiple creative ruts and feeling stuck to losing a loved one, to moving to the most magical place on earth -- it's all been a journey. I have learned to like myself better and although there's still work to be done, I can safely say that I like the person I see in the mirror. I'm not one to make resolutions as I believe that each day should be used as an opportunity to grow and to strive for greatness. No one needs a deadline to become a better version of themselves, so why use a silly date in the calendar ? Instead, vow to be better and work harder and be heathier and put your happiness as a priority every single day. 

 I do, however, want to publicly promise a few things to myself his year. These are memos or reminders, if you will, that maybe will resonate with you, too. 

1. Forgetting past mistakes and moving onto even greater ones. Remember, no one's perfect. 

2. Let yourself feel things, instead of repressing them. You can't please everyone so why not just live life in an honest and authentic way. People will always judge. Trust. 

3. Take a walk with Polo everyday OR at least consider it. Do you hear me, Aida? Those thighs are only gonna get bigger. And yes, it's okay to laugh. 

4. Stop focusing on ALL the things that could go wrong in life and instead focus on finding the cutest puppy videos. 

5. Spend more time doing what really matters *watching Netflix and ordering on Uber Eats, duh*

6. Learn to know your worth and don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. 

7. Don't let anything come between you and your favorite dessert. 

8. Cherish your loved ones. We are never guaranteed time on this earth, so make the best of it. This year I lost one of my favorite humans ever to cancer and I can't tell you how much I regret not spending more time with her. 

9. Always be good, even when you don't feel like it. I always say, "be good, do good" at the end of every blog post. It's such a simple phrase but it has some much meaning. You can really interpret it in so many ways. Be good to yourself and to others. Do good unto others. Do good for the greater good. Be a good person (the best you know how). And things will work out, I promise. 

10. Always find a reason to laugh. Always find a reason to smile. You are loved and you are wanted. Find the light within you and shine, shine, shine. 

And, of course, be good and do good. Always.