A woman is like a tea bag - you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Hi, darlings and lovelies - welcome back

This is not going to be a political post, by no means, so please just take it as that. I do consider myself an egalitarian, aka someone who believes strongly in gender equality for everyone and that's all that you'll get from me today. 

I grew up as a tomboy of the family. It wasn't until I hit puberty that I realized I was, in fact, a girl who liked all things super girly. I remember always having boys as friends and running around aimlessly all day with them playing "cossacks and robbers" or tag or any other game involving a lot of running. We also played house and for some odd reason I almost always played the role of the dad. Oh well. 

So, I guess I've always gravitated more toward guys because I felt more comfortable around them. Girls my age always seemed to be too judgmental and catty. But anyway, I have always been of a fan of those women in movies that woke up in their man's shirt in the morning, looking all beautiful and ready to cease the day. I think the first movie I saw that in was "Pretty Woman" and don't worry, my mom always made me close my eyes for the "adult scenes". We were only allowed to watch the kissing scenes. But honestly, there is something very sexy about a man's shirt. For me, personally, it gave some sort of feeling of confidence and empowerment. 

Yesterday, I put Pedro's shirt on and tied it like in the front and then showed him my outfit. His reaction was and I quote, "wow, that's interesting". And it really was an interesting outfit. I normally don't get weird looks but yesterday there wasn't a single person who looked at me and didn't make a funny face. It was unexpected to the eye and hence the reaction was also of surprised people. I think it's a great idea when you get tired of every single thing in your closet. 

The main trick with wearing a man's dress shirt is getting the right neck size. It obviously depends on your chest size, too. I tied it in the front because I wanted to be able to see the sleeves and make it pretty clear of what I was wearing. Honestly, it's such a fun look and it requires spending $0, all in all a pretty sweet deal. I really hope you try this look and if you do, please tag me on IG @aidasfashionbazaar because I would LOVE to see it! 

Until next time, 


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