I am so excited to share this blog post with you all. Myself and a group of amazing bloggers partnered with Dechoes Resale Store here in Orlando to bring you this amazing project called ROCK BOTTOM VOGUE. We wanted to show our audience that fashion doesn't have to be absurdly expensive. My first time at Dechoes was for one of the events of Orlando Fashion Week and I fell in love with their concepts, product and amazing staff that makes Dechoes not just a regular store, but a happy place to express themselves through fashion. 

My goal was to show three completely different looks using all the things I found at Dechoes and styling them to show you all just how frugal you actually can be and still enjoy the current trends. Also, support my darling blogger babes that participated in this collaboration, as well as the amazing Dechoes (all details will be listed at the bottom!)


I remember seeing this dress on the hanger and thinking, "this is the most obnoxious dress ever - I must try it on" and I did and I loved it. First off, the fabric is so silky smooth and figure-flattering. The design of the dress is a mix between retro and modern abstract. I think this dress would be amazing for a cocktail party or a fun night out. We work so hard during the week in our business attire, gym clothes, scrubs, uniforms that it's crucial for us to experiment with color and print on weekends. There is something about a rather loud outfit that boosts your confidence that much more that any other thing. I know for me, personally, a bright piece of clothing or accessory can lift my spirits in no time. The shoes I am wearing here are by Tory Burch and were in the most pristine condition (box included, too) for only $69. I'd get them for myself, but they were a tad too small (size 6 to be exact). The dress was only $14.99 and the clutch was $29 (in like new condition). 


I honestly do not even know what inspired this outfit. Perhaps it was the love for Classic Literature, my old soul, or one of my favorite movies "Midnight in Paris". This outfit is so feminine and so beautifully vintage and I just had to share my appreciation by styling these pieces together. I think this outfit screams, "take me to Europe, feed me gelato and wine, and let's never come back". All of the items that are on me can be found at Dechoes, except the little cameo necklace that I shamelessly snagged for myself to remind me of my grandmother. I first saw this beautiful skirt that looked so Floridian and so beachy, but then I saw the hat and the little vintage suitcase and the inspiration hit. Every single piece of this beautiful look is priced less than $20 and for antique/vintage status that is one heck of a deal! 


If this outfit doesn't scream "AIDA" I don't know what does. I had to stay true to my boho spirit and bring you this sexy and summery outfit. And again, all of the items were found at Dechoes here in the College Park area of Orlando and styled by yours truly. I was looking through the denim section and saw these gorgeous high-waisted vintage Levi's and my heart skipped a beat. And to top that off, I saw this beautiful vintage blouse that I knew would be perfect with the denim shorts and that is the birth story of this little number right here. I grabbed these classic brown leather pumps to elongate my short little self a little bit and put on some big boho statement rings. The cherry on top was this beautiful Prada saffiano leather bag in this beautiful burnt orange color that was NEW IN BOX! The amazing staff at Dechoes allowed me to wear it "out" for the shoot for the first time ever and I felt like a princess. There is just something undeniably attractive about a gorgeous designer bag - this little baby made me smile for the pictures 100x more genuine! I did not want to take this outfit off, so I didn't and came home with all three pieces that I'm wearing (psh, that means the bag is still up for grabs, so GO GO GO).

To conclude everything, I was so happy to have this opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing local establishment and be able to share it with you all. I really hope this was fun for you guys as much as it was for me to work on it. Don't forget to check out Dechoes at any three of their locations and on social media! Oh and support my lovely blogger babes by going to their respective blogs, leaving comments and following them on social media (you won't regret it, I promise!). 

*This collaboration was brought to you by Chic Conviction, sponsored by Dechoes Resale*

Photography: @Melrose Elise + @Amanda Smith



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