MOVE OVER, LBD! You have had your fun days, but it is time for a Little White Dress. 

I absolutely love the color white. In fact, it is my favorite color in combination with gold (matte gold, that is)! White is such a beautiful color that fits any human and their skin tone. It also accentuates whatever tan you may have on your skin. White clothing keeps you cool in the summer due to it's ability to not absorb as much UV light, hence making you sweat less. All in all, white is a great color option for the summer. 

I recently purchased this dress at Zara. I remember trying it on in the fitting room and thinking in the back of my mind, "eh, it's a loose fit, I probably shouldn't get it due to my curves". So, I got it. It's a romper/dress in one with these puffed out sleeves and a deep v-neck. I love the cut and structure of it and I love how it holds its form once you put it on. I noticed that with age, I have stopped caring so much about the "rules of fashion" or "trendy/in style attire" and focused more clothing that I likes and that makes me smile at myself in the mirror. There are no rules anymore and I am a huge supporter of that. 

The fashion market is evolving in trying to deliver to different sizes and body shapes. You don't see a petite not enjoying maxi dresses or a tall woman not wearing booty shorts. There are companies that can tend to everyone's needs and we need to bring even more awareness to that fact. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a woman shine from within because she found an article of clothing that fits her just right. Really, it's the small things...

I hope you all enjoyed this look and be on the lookout for more summer fashion on the blog. Oh, and always feel free to leave any requests. Love and hugs to all! 

Hello, World!