Sleeping Beauty (-fully) with Tuft & Needle


Good morning, darlings and dearests:

It is a beautiful day in my neighborhood today. I woke up energized and ready to cease the day by unpacking all of my boxes and sorting things out. If you follow me on Instagram (@aida.vianna) then you have seen snippets of my new apartment and the whole process of putting things together for it. If you know me well, then you also know that my bedroom is always of utmost priority. So, of course, being the human sloth that I am I started with my bedroom. 

I ordered my bed from World Market and it's this gorgeous walnut color that adds a little vintage(-y) feel to the room. You can find the bed here. I also got the matching night stands that you can see here. I love the color and the minimalistic design of this set. 

But as we all know, you can't sleep on just the bed, you need a comfortable mattress for it, too. Pedro and I were looking up a bunch of them online trying to find the right one for our family. I am normally not picky, but Pedro has been in medical school for 4 years and it is so vital for him to get a good rest at night after being in the hospital for days. That is why I wanted to make sure we get the right mattress. Upon our search, we found some amazing options that were VERY expensive. We even considered shipping our old mattress from Orlando to save on costs, but with shipping it would have been double the price we paid for ours. 

I finally stumbled upon a review on this new, state of the art mattress called Tuft and Needle. Their aesthetic looked clean and minimal and boy did they have glowing reviews. I quickly read through hundreds on hundreds of reviews to make sure I wasn't being fooled. But all of the reviews were excellent and people were leaving them from all over the country. I also noticed the price difference and couldn't help but wonder why it was so much more affordable than their competition. Tuft and Needle has a section on their website that talks about the mattress industry and all the crazy, behind-the-scenes things that a consumer doesn't know. You can read about it here and see for yourself. So I pulled the trigger and ordered one for myself to test it out. When it arrived, I couldn't believe there was a mattress in the box. It was packaged in a compact way with very minimal instructions. Basically, all I had to do was:

1. Open the box.

2. Cut off the plastic packaging on the outside and another layer on the inside.

3. Watch your mattress expand in minutes.

4. Take a nap.

I must say that I was skeptical about this mattress because I was so used to the fact that a good mattress should cost you and arm and a leg. But, in reality, no mattress can promise to get rid of you arthritis overnight, so it should't cost you as such. I have been sleeping really well this past week and felt cool all night long. I am most definitely going to keep my Tuft and Needle mattress forever. Cheers to many more zzz's in my future and hopefully, in yours too. Sleep tight, sleep beautifully. 

Polo also approves on our new mattress. He's tested it out a few times now.

Polo also approves on our new mattress. He's tested it out a few times now.

* This was written in collaboration with Tuft & Needle. All opinions are my own *