Hi, world. What's happening?

Do you want to know a secret of why women (and men) can be late sometimes? Eyeliner! It is literally one of the most challenging things in the whole wide world to have even wings, even thickness. It takes a good 20 mins for an average person to do a flawless (aka on fleek) wing. 

So, next time you see someone with winged eyeliner that could slit your throat, just go ahead and compliment them. It won't go unnoticed. The reason I say this is because I was so frustrated with my eyeliner today. It probably took me good five times to get it right. So, cheers to all of us who struggle with eyeliner! United we stand! 

Today was really hot, so I was really grateful for this super silky and breezy top. I absolutely adore the style of this with little starts all over it. My middle sister's name is Zhuldyz, which from Kazakh translates as star, so whenever I wear something with stars I always think of her. 

This entire look was slapped on together in a span of 5 minutes, but you know, sometimes that is all that it takes to put together something truly chic. I have had these AG denim shorts for a little while now and they are just the perfect fit for my rather curvy bottom part. It is such a pain for a petite girl to find appropriate length of denim shorts. I don't want them to show my butt cheeks, but I also don't want them to look like bermuda shorts either. 

I always get compliments on these shoes. They were purchased at Nordstrom Rack the year my Pedro started medical school and I remember thinking that I will never wear them and they will just be returned. But, sometimes you gravitate toward something that is a little bit out of your comfort zone and it's OKAY -- do it, get it, buy it! My philosophy is that shoes have to be a little different to show YOUR personality in your style. 

So, Encourage you to find a unique pair of shoes and keep rocking it and then repeat the process. 

Hello, World!