Hello, World!


Growing up in Kazakhstan, fall officially started on September 1st along with the academic year. I remember walking to school in the first month of the new year and admiring the change in nature: from green leaves turning into burnt colors to the still somewhat warm breeze that gave me hope. I have always loved and celebrated the fall season. Now that I live in Florida, I don't always even notice a big change in climate or people's wardrobe. The whole "don't wear white after Labor Day" does not even apply here. BUT, I was feeling all sorts of fall inspiration and even though I live in a tropical state where the weather stays pretty much the same, it's still fun to try experimenting with deeper colors. I always associate anything in the olive hues and leopard print with the beginning of Fall Fashion. I even remember my first pair of leopard shoes from Payless. I was so proud of myself for being a brave college student and trying out new things with my style. So, here I am years later feeling the same excitement about wearing my leopard print shoes again. I guess some things never change. 

I think a lot of people feel uncomfortable in leopard print and I can understand why. it's so much easier to style neutrals with your denim. I get it, girl. BUT, think of the leopard print as a fun pop of color to pair with your denim and neutrals and whatnot. You don't have to look like your literally just camouflaged yourself to look like a leopard, but a nice pop would make your outfit stand out. I always choose to accent any print by using accessories. It's super easy to style an outfit that way and I don't have to invest a lot of money. Just start by picking one item that you like in leopard or any other animal print of our choosing and start layering it with your basic pieces. 

The outfit I chose today was very simple and comfortable. I wanted to wear my mini denim skirt, since it's still quite warm in Florida, but I also wanted to not look very summery. I added my favorite pair of leopard kicks, a loose peasant top in this olive shade and some fall colors for my makeup and accessories. Another little detail that always puts me in the mood for fall is dark lipstick. Normally, i wear nude colors on my lips or just chapstick. I have huge lips, so it's quite laborious to apply lipstick, especially if it's dark. Haha! I have a makeup bag where I keep all the dark lip colors and I always pull it out around the end of August. My favorite is by Anastasia pf Beverly Hills in the shade "Heathers". Sometimes all you need to feel like you're ready for fall is a fun lipstick. So, choose whatever makes your soul happy and whatever will make you feel like YOU. And remember, I like you. So you should like you, too.