S U N D A Y S 

Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Whenever I had to work on Sundays as a hostess and more recently at my current job, I always felt bummed out even more so than the Saturday shifts. Perhaps it was instilled in me during my formative years when i was told that Sundays are dedicated to worshiping God in His holy house. I loved Sundays from a young age and I still feel like Sunday is meant to be spent with God, His people and our loved ones. I also love Sundays for BRUNCH and quite frankly, need I list more reasons why Sunday should be your favorite day, too? I didn't think so.

Sundays are also my favorite because I wear the laziest outfits even when I am trying to loom cute for church or otherwise. I put together this lazy outfit that is perfect for after nap frolicking around the city on a hunt for the best Eggs Benedict and the perfect cup of joe. I styled a high-waisted pair of retro-esque shorts that look more like a skirt with a simple chambray shirt that I've owned for years! I threw on some red lipsticks and sunnies, grabbed my favorite hobo bag with tassels and my chunky-heeled tassel sandals and called it a day or rather, an outfit. I hope you enjoyed this look and let us all celebrate Sundays for the best days that they are. Now go get some mimosas, darling because you have had a tough week and you deserve it. 


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