Hello, lovelies and welcome back! 

Now, I am sure your eyeballs have missed being on my blog,just as much as I have writing stuff for you and creating new content. Did you know that there is a subscribe button at the very bottom of the page that will notify you of anything new directly via email? 

It's been a pretty crazy couple of weeks with work, personal life and everything in between. I am now ready to get back on track with blogging. I had the opportunity to be at Miami Fashion Week this weekend with one of my gal pals. We both feel so inspired now and I just can't wait to share new content with you. 

This look was inspired by my love for sunsets and boho spirit and fueled by my passion to help people love themselves just the way they are. From a young age, I, too, was a victim of television and its negative influence on body image. I always thought the beauty standards were 90-60-90 and I got it in my head that it is exactly how I needed to look too. It is a daily struggle for me to just accept the way I look without so much criticism towards my own body. In the world of comparisons, we must learn to find middle ground between pushing ourselves to be healthy and criticizing ourselves for those 5 extra pounds. Also, remember that each person has a unique shape and anatomical structure that can not be put in terms of a "perfect ration". Just know that there is more to you than you'll ever realize and always look on the bright side of things.Smile at those love handles and belly fat, because it does not define you as a person, your heart does that. 

So, to celebrate my curves, I have created this sexy look that is so beautiful and feminine. The top I am wearing is from a local boutique called House of Ja'selle who are curating the most beautiful boho chic pieces that are very on trend. I had the privilege to meet both owners -- the most charming ladies you'll ever meet. We got to talking and I picked out the top I featured in this outfit, as well as the chic black choker. If you are interested in checking them out, I will leave their info down below. 

The rest of my outfit just came together naturally after I already planned the top. My bottoms were purchased on sale at T. J. Maxx and my clogs are by BCBGeneration via Nordstrom Rack. They are actually a LOT more comfortable than they appear. I had them on for a day of walking around Orlando (in the rain), two photo shoots and shopping and my feet survived! I have also been seeing the fruit purse phenomenon all over the interwebs this summer and I have to say, it's one of my favorite trends at the moment. Normally, I am not the one to advise anyone to follow all the trends, but certain ones just make your heart skip a beat and you know that you just have to have it. My little watermelon purse was a Poshmark find. The last but most certainly not least, is my new favorite piece of jewelry from Catbird NYC. It's actually tow pieces together, which I will link below. It was a very special gift from my man and I have not taken it off since the day I got it. I, personally, believe in quality over quantity when it comes to jewelry. I don't buy anything cheap and my collection is very small. BUT, the few pieces that I do own are my loves and I wear them with everything. I really hope you enjoyed this look -- it's definitely my favorite at the moment. Find all the details below.

All the love,

Aida Zhan

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